We're making gummies today!

We're in the HAFCO Gummy Lab today making your favorite Mouth Watering Vegan Hemp Gummies!
Our gummy base starts with Organic cane sugar, Fruit Pectin, Pure Hemp Distillate, Natural Flavoring and Coloring. 

We were sick of Gelatin and we feel that Vegan based products are the future. Why eat animals when you can use fruit instead!?

We currently offer delicious Hemp gummies infused with CBD, HHC, Delta 8 (D8), Delta 9 (D9), THCO, and other unique and potent Distillate blends. Which are your favorite so far?

Flavor is the name of the game and we feel like ours are pretty flippin good!
Watermelon, Blue Razz, Orange Cream, Pink Lemonade, to name a few, have quickly become our fan favorites! No burnt rubber tasting gummies here!

Havent tried our gummies yet? Check them out here and take advantage of our bundles to save today!

Peace and Love Y'all thanks for hanging with us!